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YOUR ANSWER: All women is the subject and are is the verb.

You are correct. The sentence is about all women, so all women is the subject. The remainder of the sentence, are poor drivers, constitutes the predicate, which is that part of a sentence that says something about the subject. The verb are is called a linking verb because it serves as a connecting link between the subject and the words which complete the thought of the sentence.

Please note immediately that we haven't said anything about whether the statement "All women are poor drivers" is true. Our only point is that it is a sentence, and a sentence may be true or may be false. This is also the case with the mathematical sentences we are about to discuss.

Now let's consider a sentence in which we say something about a number---but lets say it in English, not in "mathematics." Consider the sentence "Three equals two plus one." What are the subject and verb in this sentence?